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    Your TD experience related to defects

    My company has been using TD. Sometimes, it looks efficient enough & sometimes I feel we should change the ways we are using to track defects.
    My question is:
    How do you use TD with regards to Defects. More precisely,
    The defects are filed by testers as New, have meeting with QA leads to find the appropriate priority & make it open. Assign to the respective developer. The developer puts the work in progress & once fixed, mark it fixed & fix in version. The tester tests it & mark it tested & closed.
    This is perfect world which does not exist.
    Your experience with this will really help me.


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    Re: Your TD experience related to defects

    Attached is a "defect workflow cheat sheet" I distribute to all new TD users at our company. I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions...

    TestDirector Defect Management System Quick Guide.zip

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    Re: Your TD experience related to defects

    The file looks good but little confusing. What I like most in the file is the resolution.
    I was thinking of duplicate & not a defect problem & how to track that. I believe putting a drop down for that is a good way to track.
    Is this strictly followed in your company? & if you could explain the flow chart a little bit, that will be appreciated specially the resolve & reassign issue.

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    Re: Your TD experience related to defects

    This workflow is not used company-wide as TD is not currently used company-wide. My project is the first and only one to use TD right now. We do follow the workflow strictly. However, soon TD will be adopted as a company-wide defect management solution, and they *may* choose to use this workflow.

    What exactly is confusing in the flowchart?

    Attached is an email I sent to the team as a reminder of accepted defect process flow. Let me know if this helps clear things up.


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    Re: Your TD experience related to defects

    I believe the main difference between your process & mine is I just have 1 status field which contains values like New, open, reopen, fixed, deferred etc.
    I have used some of your concept & added some of my thoughts & created a plan. I will propose that on Monday & if my lead likes that will post the plan here & you can then let me know your suggestions.

    Thanks for the help



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