Does anyone have the content of problem id 14229 for the following description I obtained about integrating QTP with Test Director.


Problem Description: How to pass values from TestDirector to QuickTest Professional when running a script


Solution: Useful articles for help in passing values from TestDirector to QuickTest Professional

1. Add a user-defined field to the test set. For directions, refer to Problem ID 14229 - How to add a user-defined field.
Note: This field will be used to enter the parameter that QuickTest Professional will read from.

2. Login to TestDirector and enter a value for the field just added.

3. Create and launch a new QuickTest Professional script.

4. In the Expert View, add the following code:
dim currentTestSet
dim paramValue
set currentTestset = TDUtil.CurrentTestSet
paramValue = currentTestset.Field("CY_USER_01")
msgbox paramValue

5. Run the QTP script.

The test case displays the value of the parameter entered in the field, CY_USER_01.

Note: If you want to use a user-defined field from the run table, please refer to the sample code below:
dim CurrentRun
set CurrentRun = TDUtil.CurrentRun
CurrentRun.field("RN_USER_01") = "MyValue" 'writing to field
value = CurrentRun.field("RN_USER_01") 'reading from field