I've taken TD admin training, and am currently maintaining and configuring multiple projects for multiple departments. I feel pretty comfortable when logged in as site or project administrator. However, now they want me to actually use the darn thing!

Here is the scenario:
We currently use Rationals RequisitePro to create/maintain requirements (use cases). I use the TD Req. synchronizer add-in to import these requirements from RP into TD. Once I have all of the requirements in the TD Requirement module, I "convert to test" to create some basic tests in the Test Plan module. From these basic tests, I create additional tests manually (cut/paste design steps from multiple tests to create a new test). Finally, I use these tests to create Test Sets in the Test Lab module.

So far, so good.

However, our BizAnalysts our continually making changes to the use cases/requirements in RequisitePro. If I re-import these requirements into TD, the changes appear in the Requirements module, but are not propagated to the Tests or Test Sets!

Is this possible? Is this even the best method?

I can provide examples for greater clarity if needed.