I have the following scenarios in which each scenario requires more than one script to be executed to make that scenario pass / fail:

Scenario1: Script1, Script2, Script3
Scenario2: Script4, Script3
Scenario3: Script4, Scriipt5, Script3
and so on....

This depicts that there are few scripts(e.g. Script3) which gets called for almost every scenario with different data table according to the scenario.
To my understanding each such scenario corresponds to one Test Set in TD and if i have 50 such scenarios then i will have to create 50 test sets and also these scenarios are dependent on one another say scenario4 cannot be executed unless scenario3 is completed.
So my questions are:
1. how do i make sure that these test sets get executed one after the other in some pre defined sequence? i believe creating scheduler for all 50 test sets is not a good idea
2. How do i define the dependency among the multiple test sets (i know we can set dependency among tests within a test set)?
3. can these objectives be achieved through TD API programming?

Your help on this will be highly appreciated.