Hi all,

I have been runnning my automated tests in TD for a while now. All the test sets are there in place with the respective scripts. Now once the script is executed nightly i come in the morning and get into Testlab and then into executions tab and click that particular test and use the Launch Report in there to get the results. Now this has been working well for a while now.

Now starting last week this has totally stopped working. When i click the Launch report button all it does is becomes is gets disabled.

Now i thought may be this was a problem with my runs in there. So i purged all the runs except one and tried to launch the report back and it did not work either.fed up with this i tried to launch QTP and tried to get the results from there by connecting to this particular folder in the TD Project. All i see is the blank results window with "downloading" written at the bottom of the page.

I tried to open the results viewer alone too from the programs but even that showed the same results as above.

We thought it was a problem with the server and restarted it. It did not have an effect.

Whats thats wrong in here.