We are considering implementing the Visual Source Safe add-in for Quality Center 8.2. However the User's Guide for the add-in seems to
indicate that you need to actually install the Visual Source Safe software on the Quality Center server? Is this necessary? Is there
not a way to point the add-in to an existing instance of VSS? If so, how? Can anyone help?

The initial response that I got from Mercury CSO was not favorable. Basically the answer they sent me was, "we don't know". Here is their response:

"Perhaps, here is the limitation: When installing the visual source safe add-in, it searches for the VSS server components on the Quality Center server and installs all other components accordingly. This is the supported environment. However, we have not tried to just install a VSS client or point to an existing VSS instance. Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation on how this would work. In addition, during the installation of the add-in, I believe it will check whether you have the VSS server installed. PS.. When a project from QC has version control enable, the version control database is located under each project folder."

Any help that anyone out there could give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!