When our DBA originally created tablespace for us, he alloacted 2 GB to start. This was based on projectiosn made using the QC Calculator from Mercury CSO. However we have noticed that this space has been consumed at a rate much faster than we were anticipating. We originally only
had FIVE QC projects created, three of which are copies of the QualityCenter_Demo project. The other two are brand new projects. At that time we only had 441 MB free on out QC_Data tablespace, which
means that these 5 projects have consumed 1.6 GB (an average of 311.8 MB)?

Since then we convinced our DBA to increase the size of the table space. He gave us 1 more GB for a total of 3 GB. We have since created two more projects giving us a total of 7. Presently we only have 955 MB free.

To me that just doesn't seem right? Or is it? Someone please clarify. Is it normal to have the table space consumed at an average of 315 MB per project? I just need to understand the specifics regarding the table space consumption so that I can argue my case to the DBA when requesting more table space.

Also, any and all recommendations that you can make to me regarding how the DBA might be able to configure things on his end to minimize the rate at which this table space is being consumed (turning off logging features, etc) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best Regards,