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    TestDirerector Installation Problem

    Hi guys!!
    I installed TestDirector 8.0 on windows 2000 advanced server( I am not so sure if service pack 2 was installed on it).THE DATABASE IS ORACLE 11i
    and it would use Acess as the default database( i supposed)

    The installation was successful. But while I could go into Site Administrator and be able to create Domain, Projects and users
    I could not go into both TestDirector (to go into requirements, testlab, testplan and defects modules) and into Customize ( to carry out the adminstrative work)
    It comes up with this error :

    Server properties wasn't initialized successfully

    When I click the details - the message there in says
    Server properties wasn't initialized successfully
    Error in Initialize server properties table
    Error in TDAPI_GetVal

    what do I need to do? I have re-installed several times and all was to no avail. your ****** assistance will be highly appreciated.
    But I am sure I had Internet Information Server which is IIS

    Any Suggestions?

    Many thanks
    Make it simple all the time.

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    Re: TestDirerector Installation Problem

    Need specific information. Are u able to see the Test Director Login Page??? If no try configuring ur IIS...



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