Hello Guys,
I'm trying to install Test Director, but iam having installation problems.It's my first time.,Can anyone help please.
I installed TestDirector 8.0 on windows 2000 advanced server( I am not so sure if service pack 2 was installed on it).THE DATABASE IS ORACLE 11i
and it would use Acess as the default database

The installation was successful. But while I could go into Site Administrator and be able to create Domain, Projects and users
I could not go into both TestDirector (to go into requirements, testlab, testplan and defects modules) (could not go into customize) and Customize ( to carry out the adminstrative work)
.It comes up with this error :
Firstly, the stack canvass for the error had iexplore as the title.
Then a red sign like a let X inside a red circle. then a stamement that says

Server properties wasn't initialized successfully

When I click the details - the message there in says
Server properties wasn't initialized successfully
Error in Initialize server properties table
Error in TDAPI_GetVal

Please what do I need to do? I have re-installed several times and all was to no avail. your ****** assistance will be highly appreciated.
However, I am not sure if I have service Pack 2 and above for Windows 2000 installed. But I am sure I had Internet Information Server which is IIS.
Tanx guys