I have a customer that is going to setup to use Oracle as the database for their Quality Center (QC) installation. The DBA is balking at a couple of the permissions that need to be in place for the TDMANAGER User that needs to be created prior to installation. Specifically, he does not want any part of the GRANT ALTER USER TO TDMANAGER and GRANT DROP USER TO TDMANAGER. They feel that this is a security risk. So he created the user TDMANAGER without those two permissions being in place. Based on my conversation with Mercury CSO, this will fail. They told me that the reason that these permissions must be in place is becuase when QC creates an Oracle project, it first creates a user ("DomainName_ProjectName_db") and logs in as that user to create the Oracle database. That user is the owner of all the objects (tables and indexes) for the project. Not having these permissions will not allow the tool to work.

So my question to everyone out there is this: Is there a work around for this? The DBA is not wanting to budge from is stance on this matter. He insists that there must be a way to get the tool to work correcctly, without having to give those permissions. They cannot believe that other customers have not had to work around this issue. Is there a way that he can create a role, and then assign permissions to the role, or is he forced to comply with Mercury on this.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.