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    How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    How Can I export test cases to my local system from Test Director?
    Can any one help on this.

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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    1) Go to Test Plan
    2) Click on the Folder or test case you want to export
    3) Change the View to Test Grid
    4) In the Test Grid view, highlight the testcases you want to export
    5) Right-Click, Save AS
    6) Select the different options (Excel, Word, etc.)

    If you export to Excel, you can then import the test cases back in again as long as you have the Excel Add-In software installed.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?


    For me this does not export any of the steps in each test case, those columns are not visible in the test grid. How do I get this method to include the test cases?



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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    Use Tools > Document Generator
    Produces a nicely formatted Word document at the detail level you desire. Play around with it some until you get exactly what you want. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    If you select the test steps you want to copy out, then right click at the bottom of the menu is a "Save As", select Excel and give it a name. Then you will get an Excel sheet of the steps, from there you can copy them to any other document.
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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?


    I'd also like to export tests from Test Director as well...my requirement is for the tests and their test steps to be in Excel format. And I'd like to do a large group (suite) at at time with all tests & their associated test steps in one operation.

    I do not find a solution on this forum, hence my post to this thread.

    I have contacted Mercury and found no way to do this currently, I have asked for an enhancement.

    The options provided (as listed below) do not satisfy my requirements, because
    1) document generator
    this generates a word format that, should the need arise, would be difficult to export back into Test director.
    2) grid view; save as --> excel
    this doesn't save the test steps.

    I DO NOT want a MS-Word document (which is generated via the Document Generator); because word documents are difficult to import back to Test Director (not as easy as excel)

    Anybody come up with a slick way to do this?

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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    I'm a little confused by your request. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    What is your process for using TestDirector? For using the exported test cases?

    What is the purpose of exporting the test cases out to Excel or Word and then bringing them back in to TestDirector at some later point?

    If the intent is to allow for easier editing of the test steps, I would question the benefit obtained by externally modifying some steps of existing test cases vs making the same changes with TestDirector's built in editing capability.

    If the intent is to develop new test cases initially external to TestDirector, import them, then export back out to continue modifying, I would question the logic used, as the test cases already exist externally and can already be modified in their existing form and re-imported by the usual M.O.

    If you're using the exported test cases as execution documents, consider changing your usage to let TestDirector actually manage the execution and recording of results, which is kind of the point anyway. Further, reimporting test cases with execution results already included is problematic regardless of the tool you intend to use.

    Have you considered generating a "Tests with Design Steps" planning report and saving it as a text file? It should be a relatively straight-forward process to then open it as a Word document and macro it into a structured data set that can be Exceled and re-imported easily back in to TD.

    Or, consider using the Document Generator as previously suggested in this thread, and similarly macro'ing it to a structure that can be Exceled.

    But, really Kay-Tee! you can be slick as snot about any of this stuff and not really get what you want, which should be:
    1. a higher level of quality
    2. more efficiency in your test process
    3. eliminated headaches from convoluted techniques and obfuscated procedures
    4. buy-in from your customers and partners because they understand what you're trying to do
    5. no carpal-tunnel-syndrome caused by excessive and redundant manual manipulation of data in an effort to turn it into real, live, actual, useful, productive, informative and entertaining project artefacts. And a Merry Christmas to you TOO! Phew! End of rant. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    Hi Bkoenig:

    My reasons are several; these are the top two
    1) we don't use a versioning tool which is integrated with TD for Quality Center. While we DO backup our tests, we wanted a way to version the tests...and this means ALL test data.
    Now, we can muck with SQL and access the data directly, but I'm not so sure I want all testers to do so.
    2) we don't use TD for quality center for all our projects. In other Projects, our Test Mgmt consists of use of Excel spreadsheets to manage suite of tests. We need an easy way to "share" the tests in a consistent, reliable manner.

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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    You might want to see the capabilities of our XML reporting utility found in here: http://www.juvander.fi/tuotteet/utilities.htm

    Currently it does export all the data out into XML in row oriented way. About to enhance it to include data in record way as well.

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    Re: How Can I export test cases from Test Director?

    K.T. -
    I feel your pain. We have had the same issue here for a long time and have developed our own workaround.
    Create a macro in Excel that connects to the TD database via an ADO connetion (or connection of your choice/needs). Run the following query in your macro.
    List the recordset out in the spreadsheet via a simple nested loop:

    td.TEST.TS_NAME AS Name,
    td.TEST.TS_STATUS AS Status,
    td.TEST.TS_CREATION_DATE AS [Creation Date],
    td.TEST.TS_DESCRIPTION AS [Test Description],
    td.DESSTEPS.DS_DESCRIPTION AS [Step Description],
    td.DESSTEPS.DS_EXPECTED AS [Expected Results]

    HTH. Let me know if you need more explanation.


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