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    Adding memo field to defect report

    We are trying to add a new field to our defect report of 'Analyst Comments' and we want it to behave in the same way as DEV_COMMENTS, but only seem to be able to create the field with a length of 40 characters - which is obviously no good.

    Can anybody tell me how to create such a field please? We've tried setting it with the same attributes as DEV_COMMENTS but it's refusing to work.

    Just to make matters interesting, we are using Access which we know is not ideal and are currently pushing to change to SQL Server. Could the use of Access have anything to do with it?

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    Re: Adding memo field to defect report

    Here's an except form the support site:
    Solution: Creating memo user-defined fields is possible in TestDirector 8.0

    In TestDirector 8.0, it is now possible to add memo type user-defined fields, as long as you are using SQL Server or Oracle as the database type. You can have up to three memo fields per TestDirector entity (Defects, Tests, Steps, etc.). You can create memo fields via the Customize Project Entities dialog in TestDirector's Customization page. For more information on this, please refer to the TestDirector 8.0 Administrator's Guide.

    If the option is greyed out, then please refer to this article : Problem ID 28819 - Unable to create memo type fields and additional user-defined fields in TD 8.0.
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