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    TestDirector 7.2

    While automating a WR 7.6 test from TD7.2 - I get the error message "TestDirector cannot execute the current automated test".

    Winrunner launches, the script is opened and immediately closes the script, and WR remains open. But in TestDirector the above message appears.

    I am running Windows XP Office, TD 7.2 SP3
    on another machine it is working fine.

    Would appreciate any help.
    Ananth Rao
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    Re: TestDirector 7.2

    I believe you have a compatibility issue between XP SP2 and TD. You had better open an issue with Mercury as they say that only TD 8.0 & 8.2 are compatible with SP2. At least that's how I understand it. We are using TD 7.6 with XP SP2 and have had no issues. Mercury may have a patch for you.
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