We are currently evaluating the lastest version of Test Director (QC) to manage volumes and phases of tests across our client / server and mainframe environments.

Our automated tools are for:

· Client / server - Mercury Quick Test Professional and
· Mainframe - QA HIPERSTATION.

Quick Test Professional interfaces with Test Director out of the box. QA HIPERSTATION does not.

Mercury states that we will simply have to build the interfaces for HIPERSTATION to and from Test Director.

Basically I see the the process as:

1) Extract test results from QA HIPERSTATION into a table,
2) The APIs pick up the parameters and
3) Mark the appropriate TD test case with at least, the test result but preferably with the actual result.

I am not really convinced that this will be a simple task and asking if:

1) Anyone else has endeavoured this with any version of Test Director and QA HIPERSTATION?
2) Are there any risks and issues associated for this “simple” task?