I don't see my TestDirector Projects in Framework Administrator console.

My list of available TestDirector domains / projects is displayed (TestDirector Configuration with TDApiServer Host : http://[host]/TDBIN). But after login / password like "caliber" / "", I get the error message "Adapter Error - Error -2 TD Project "name_project" : (See Test Director Error Codes)".

In testing I identified two licences "OTAClient" in use on the site administrator of TestDirector after connecting to Caliber RM.

I use TD 7.6 SP3 and Caliber RM 5.1. The Caliber RM Server settings are enabled. The service SQM Monitor ran on the Caliber Server. The Add-ins "TDConnectivity" and even "TDClientSideInstallation" are been performed successfully.

Thanks a lot for your help.