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    Test Director API Issue With The Design Step .LinkTest Property


    I posted this the other day, but figured I would give it another shot with more detail this time. I have a need to automate a ‘copy’ program that will copy Requirements, Test Cases, and Test Sets from one project within TD to another project in TD (currently on TD 7.6) and automatically link the Requirements Covered from the original over to the new project where applicable, as well as link any ‘called’ tests from the original project to the copy to project. I’ve been able to figure everything out except how to link ‘called’ tests from the original project to the Design Step property LinkTest of the new project. I’ve tried this several different ways, and this is what I get:

    Case Link the design step prior to DesignStep.Post, where the test that is being called already exists in the new project:

    So I have:

    objDesignStep as TDAPIOLELib.DesignStep and objTest as TDAPIOLELib.Test (where objTest is the test that is being called from objDesignStep, and already exists in the new project)

    When I try objDesignStep.LinkTest = objTest or objTest.ID….Then objDesignStep.Post, I get a link that shows up in the TD application, but it is bogus. Its Step Name and Description say something like ‘Call Template Test’ that when clicked generates an exception and does nothing. When I check the actual field values of the design step (called test named ‘Login’ btw) objDesignStep.Field(“DS_STEP_NAME”) and objDesignStep.Field(“DS_DESCRIPTION”) the name reads as it should with Name = ‘Call’, but the Description reads ‘Call <Login>’. No where does it say anything about a ‘Call Template Test’.

    When I try objDesignStep.Post then objDesignStep.LinkTest = objTest or objTest.ID, I get a run time error of 'do not have sufficient permissions’ even though I am the Admin for both projects.

    Has anyone run into this before? Or is there something that I am missing? Or is this a known bug with the application? I am getting very frustrated and have a feeling it is something simple, but would greatly appreciate it if anybody could shed some light on this one for me.

    Thanks and BR,


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    Re: Test Director API Issue With The Design Step .LinkTest Property

    You can get the Util program to copy projects with call statement. Check out the posting with the title of "TD Call statements didn't get copied"




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