When we installed TD 8.0, it was a clean install on a new server, i.e. no upgrading from TD 7.6. The first few times I used TD to create test cases, there were no problems whatsoever. Our sysadmin then went in and installed TD 8.0 SP1. From that point on, I get the RPC server is unavailable error message.

Let me add that after SP1 was installed, I had to go back and reinstall the tdconnect.exe file to reestablish connectivity to the TD server.

I searched the MI website for a solution but most of the RPC issues reported there revolve around the network sysadmin changing their password, the Oracle database being down, or the user's use a proxy to connect to TD. None of those apply in this case.

I'll open up a ticket with MI tech support but don't have much faith that they will be able to identify what is causing the problem. Hoping someone here may have a tip.