I've done a considerable amount of reading in preparation for the introduction of automated testing where I work. The reading I've done emphasises the need for reusable script libraries and version control so one thing I'm concerned about is getting the structure of our Test sets and test Scripts correct. We'll be using QuickTest Professional(QTP) and Test Director(TD) with MS Visual Sourcesafe. The company is a software supplier and we need to support at least 3 sets of scripts: New release under test
; Current Live Release; Live Release -1(for those customers slower to upgrade). We will be developing a number of reusable scripts but I have some Qs about this area:
1. Should we just use the TD Project and Test Set levels to structure the scripts and use the default destination folders that TD/QTP uses or do we need to do anything else in terms of folder structure?
2. Assuming we put the reusable scripts in a separate Test Set(s), how will those scripts be called from other scripts. Do we need to define the full TD folder path when calling them?
3. Is it a good idea to have our different releases(Under Test; Live; Live-1) as different TD Projects? Would that mean having a full set of scripts for each project whereas say only 10% have actually changed for the new release?
4. Can Data for data driven tests be stored in TD, if not is there a recommended way to manage that? Or is it just accessed from QTP folders