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    Run WinRunner Scripts


    How to run WinRunner scripts from Test Director.
    I'm new to this. Please let me know the detailed steps involved in it.


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    Re: Run WinRunner Scripts

    In TestDirector, go to Test Plan.
    Under design steps, click generate script and select WR-AUTOMATED.
    It will generate a WinRunner script under the Test Script tab.
    Then click on Launch. It will launch WinRunner and the corresponding test script is opened.

    Now go to test lab and select the corresponding automated test name and click Run and check Run All Tests Locally checkbox. Now click Run. This runs the WinRunner scripts.


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    Re: Run WinRunner Scripts

    What if i already have a test scripts created in winrunner??? How should i run those from test director??? how should i attach those scripts to the TD project database...




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