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    Setting up a hierachy under the \'Requirements\' tab

    We have setup a hierachy under the requirements tab of TD 7.6 which looks like this:

    Regression Testing
    > GUI
    > requirement 1
    > requirement 2

    When this is rolled up it doesnt reflect the result of the requirements under it. So if I right-click on Regression Testing and select 'Test Coverage', I dont get all of the requirements under it.

    TD seems to treat 'Regression Testing' & 'GUI' as requirements instead of just a hierachy.

    Anyone know how to get TD to display the true status of requirements under a hierachy?


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    Re: Setting up a hierachy under the \'Requirements\' tab

    "Parent" requirement doesn't reflect the status of its "children", that's true. Requirement status is actually "direct", and not "accumulated" status. In TD 7.6, the only way is to add the same tests to the coverage of the parent requirement (ie: add all tests that cover "GUI", "requirement 1", and "requirement 2" to the coverage of "Regression Testing".

    However you can view all tests associated with all requirement's "children": there's a checkbox called "Full Coverage".

    In TestDirector 8, this was resolved in very nice way (there you can actually view graphical statistics about passed/failed requirements under the current requirement, and drill down to see the tests).



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