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    Test Director & JUnit Test Harness

    Hello Folks,

    We have about 1500+ API harness test cases written in JUnit. We are in the process of evaluating Test Director for Test Management Process. It will be great if someone could answer for the questions below:

    1. Is it possible to have these test cases integrated within Test Director?
    2. If yes, can we schedule to run these from TD's test lab onto any machine in the network?
    3. How does the results (pass / fail / error info) from these harness test cases can be stored in TD's central repository for running reports.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

    Kandasamy SK

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    Re: Test Director & JUnit Test Harness

    1. Yes, the thing called "test type plug-in". I don't know if the integration for such tests exists, but if not, you can always write your own (TD has all the required interfaces to integrate any test type and there are examples on Support site)
    2. Yes, this is part of "test type plug-in"
    3. Tests report some results somewhere in filesystem, right? So *something" should access this location, collect results and store them in TD. This *something* can be again part of the plug-in, or a separate application (written on VB or VAPI-XP for example)



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