The TestDirector method DAPI_CreateTestInCycleList(sSQLcmd, iListSize) returns zero (meaning success)and iListSize as zero or one though testset contains a valid testcase. This means this particular API returning inconsistent results.

We tried following :-
[1] Deleting and creating testcase and test suite
[2] Deleting and importing test-case in the Folder. Creating new testset and adding testcase in it.
[3] Changing name of testcase, creating new folder, adding testcase in it and running the same.
[4] Running test as a testcase instead of running thru suite file, which is a normal practise.
[5] Worked using a single test case to find out whether this is issue with many test cases. Did not work.

Did anybody encountered this kind of problem earlier ?


[Niteen Yemul]