If I run a test thru TEST LAB and find a defect, I can link over to the DEFECT sub-system and log the details to endup with a Defect ID. There does not appear to be a system cross ref between DEFECT and TEST LAB. The TEST LAB item does not show any sign of defect that has been raised or with the Defect ID but shows Status as FAILED.
The view of the Test Set, can as ever be changed by selecting which columns to view but there is no column called DEFECT.
It looks like the only way we could record a DEFECT on an item in a TEST SET is to make use of any 1 of the columns (e.g. used column called "Planned Host Name") and manually key in the Defect ID for cross ref.

Do you have any suggestions on the same and whether this is possible in TD 7.6 ?

Thanks for all in Advance!