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    Tes Director 7.6 Importing Requirments From and Excel Spreadsheet

    I am trying to import a list of requirements from excel to TD 7.6.
    I have imported a list of reqs but it has placed them in TD at the same level as the project where as I wish to import them at child level. Is there anyway this can be done.
    In addition you can right click on each requirment and make them a child but is there anyway to do this on mass as it appears that you can only do this one at a time.



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    Re: Tes Director 7.6 Importing Requirments From and Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello mate,

    In case you never solved this problem, you needed to add an extra column called 'path' and in there put the name of the requirement you want it to sit under.

    e.g. If 'Req1' is the parent, then in the 'path' field for 'Req2' you put 'Req1' (assuming Req2 is a child of Req1) then add that field in the mapping, should work like a charm.

    For changing the Parent / Child order en-masse your probably better looking at the database tables through Site Admin and looking at what you need to change in the 'REQ' table 'RQ_FATHER_ID' column if you know what the 'RQ_REQ_ID' is for the requirements you want to update.



    P.S. Congrats on Wolves promotion!



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