From the MI site:

1. A new Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Version Control Add-in, supporting new TestDirector technology is now available.
Note that any existing version control-enabled projects must be converted so that they are compatible with this new add-in.
To convert your projects, you use the TestDirector Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Migration Tool.
For more information, refer to the TestDirector Add-ins page.
2. Fixed the sorting mechanism for reporting in the Test Plan module.
3. Fixed the reporting of defects added from the toolbar in all TestDirector modules.
4. Fixed the ability to enforce required fields generated by the Defects Workflow script.
5. In addition to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Mercury Interactive now supports another third party version control integration tool - Rational ClearCase 2002.
6. The ability to integrate TestDirector with LoadRunner Metro version 7.5.1. For more information on the LoadRunner Metro Add-in, refer to the TestDirector Add-ins page.
7. The ability to support the following languages on both the server and client machines:
Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Hebrew, Korean and Swedish .

SP2 for TestDirector Standard will be available by December 20th.

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Jordan Gottlieb
President, Charlotte Mercury User Group
Qualitech Solutions, Inc.