Hello all,

The company I consult at currently intends to upgrade from TD 7.0i to 7.2 (high time i know).

The question we have is if the upgrade will have any problems with the currently installed and available versions of Oracle corporate wide. Currently 7.0i is connected to Oracle 8.0.6 which Mercury does not 'officially support'. I queried their support personnel what this means and was informed that no QA has been performed for TD to run with an unsupported version hence any problems will be undocumented and will be solved on a needs basis.

The current version of Oracle the DBA is willing to go to is 8.1.7(2 or 3) which again is unsupported.

We have not had any major issues when working with 7.0i connecting to 8.0.6, except the running out of licenses message even when there are not as many users logged in. We are not sure if this happens because we are running on an unsupported version of Oracle.

My next question is if there are any known problems, you gentle folks have experienced when working with TD 7.2 and Oracle 8.1.7(2/3). Is there wisdom in installing a supported version than experimenting with an available version.

Any advice is gratefully appreciated.