Hello All,

We are using TD72 standard edition SP4

I got the following error message :
[0xe2775dc] DB [ProjectName] User [Username] TDAPI_GetProjectCustomizationData :: General database failure
CTdapi :: LoadCustomizationLists
CTreeNode :: GetChildren
CTreeNode :: GetChildrenEx
CTreeNode :: GetAbsolutePath
CTreeNode :: IntToBytes
Error calculating absolute path, for negative path code
Already performed steps:
1., Restart the server (win2000 advanced server, IIS 5)
2., Running of Project Administration Utility / Tools : Compact , Repair , Intergrity check -
Intergrity check issued the following error message: 'Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record'
There was no user logged in the project at the time of running the check. It must be a lock issue, but I dont know much about record locking in TD - MS Access.
3.,I made copies from the damaged project, varing the chooseable options of the project admin util.

None of above stated methods worked.

I have recently installed SP4 to the server, all the other projects are working perfectly since the update.

Please help me!
Thank you


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