Hi All,
I am very new for TestDirector .I have install TestDirector7.1 on my machine I am having winrunner6.1 on my machine and I am using IIS as a web server.
Link http://b2035-nts-qa/TDBIN/default.htm is not working. And when I open IIS mgt. Console it doesn’t show me virtual directory TDBIN but when I create new virtual dir with name TDBIN an error comes that this directory already exist and it create TDBIN2 virtual directory and the link http://b2035-nts-qa/TDBIN2/default.htm is working.

But we r facing a new problem with this TDBIN2 virtual dir that project list doesn’t show any project(That is our default project TestDirector_demo & TestDirector_application).
Can anyone tell me how can I start my first project on TD.
Thanks & Regards
Manish Sharma