I am certified on TestSuite 6.0. Mercury has told me that with the new release (7.6) of TestDirector, I'll have to take the certification upgrade or else take a full CPS test. This is scheduled to happen at the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3 (per Mercury's Certification Program Manager).

The text of their answer is as follows:
"An exam version upgrade is not just done when the software version numbers change as a whole number (7 to 8) but can also be done when the version changes within the whole number (7.0 - 7.5). The determination is made due to changes in the software.

If you would like to keep your certification current you will need to complete the upgrade before the version changes."

I can't find the above information anywhere on Mercury's website.

I also can't find any information on when the next major upgrade to WinRunner will be (of the sort that would require a full CPS exam if no upgrade exam is taken).

Has anyone else communicated with Mercury about when the deadline for a 6.x-7.x upgrade exam is? If so, what have they told you? I can't seem to get a straight answer.

Many thanks!