First let me say that all 'tests' are automated tests I built inside TD 7.2 using the QTpro plug in. QTpro 5.6 I think.

1st Why is it every time I either move a test or drag it into the execution pane, it attaches itself to 'default'. Obviously if you have several hundred tests, this is a lot of extra work!

2nd EVERY time I set up all the tests and conditions, when I come back to the execution flow, all the new tests are AGAIN attached to 'default' and I have to set them up again. I found this out the hard way, running my tests and trying to figure out why they failed; because all my conditions were out of whack! So now after setting up my tests, I have to get out come back in over and over and over again until finally all the changes stick!

3rd The way this thing auto arranges is U.G.L.Y.!

Any suggestions?? Anyone else having these problems?
I'm tired of talking to tech support, although they are usually very thorough!