I'm trying to move a TestDirector implementation to a new server and get it working with the Web Defect Manager.

Config I'm attempting to use is:
Win2000 Server with IIS5.0
TestDirector 6.01
Oracle client connecting to Oracle database on a Unix box.
The backend implementation is not changing just the TestDirector server.
Client is using IE5.5 SP2.

I've configured dcomcnfg for the "Mercury Database Server/c" to use a service account (which I have given local admin privileges on the server). Service account is configured to run the application under Identity tab of DCOM. I've also added that account and the IUSER and IWAM accounts to the "custom access permissions" and "launch permissions" in dcomcnfg. (Without having the access and launch on the service account, the TDService did not start properly and logically you couldn't run the app as that ID without permissions to launch it.)

That service account is also used to run TDService under control panel-services.

IIS is configured to use the IUSER account.

I can connect to the backend database using SQL+.

I have been able to add the project in the "Project Administration Utility" on the server and see the tables, etc.

I can connect to the web server and see the project that was added. (Previously the project list was blank.) But cannot run the project. We have received various error messages in the many different configurations we have tried.

It appears as though the application attempts to connect to the Oracle database using the Service account ID specified in dcom. Then it attempts to read the DataConst table and then map back to the TestDirector share on the server to find user alias information. Can anyone tell me if this is actually how TestDirector works? What ID is it using to map back to that share? The dcom one or the Win2000/NT4 one you are logged in as (it seems to be passing that info and the server name to Oracle)?

The problem is that the DataConst table is owned by an alias for which we do not have the Oracle password, so my dba cannot add the new service account with privileges to that table.

I can connect with Sysadmin and the appropriate password to the instance in "Project Administrator" and it appears as though I am connecting as that alias user with the same name as the alias for the project. Does TestDirector create it's own alias and password for the sysadmin ID?

These are a few areas that I believe may be the cause of my problem.

1. Borland Database Engine may need to be upgraded to 5.11. I've seen a posting on that, but can't get the update from Borland's site. It says it can't resolve the ftp address but if you back up a folder, you get a proxy error, so it seems to be some kind of security issue.

2. I need to get the service account in dcom added to Oracle with permissions to the DataConst table, so it can read the server mapping and map the share back.

3. There may be something in the Borland Config that I have wrong. Under "Configuration-Native-Drivers-Oracle", I am using SQLORA8.dll for the dll32 but do not know the equivalent of ORA805.dll for VendorInit with the Oracle client, so I am using OCI.dll.

Is the Project Administrator on the TestDirector server using the Borland Engine or is it using SQL?
If not, is there a way to test the Borland Engine from the server? I know my link to IIS and some portion of TestDirector works because I get a project list. And I know that my connection to the Oracle backend works via SQL+ and Project Administrator, so the breakdown is somewhere between IIS, Borland and SQL on the TestDirector server.

Any insights would be appreciated.