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Problem with TestDirector client PC in "Stand-by" mode
If a TestDirector client PC remains in a "Stand-by" mode (also "sleep mode", "suspend mode", "Hibernation mode", etc..) for more than 15 minutes while connected to a TestDirector project, it is possible that when the PC comes out of stand-by mode the client will be re-connected to a different project without the user's knowledge. This could potentially result in the entering of data into the wrong project, seeing data in a project that user does not have permissions to view or modify, as well as other potential problems.

This problem is being addressed in Service Pack 4 (estimated for release in late April-02). Currently, the way to address the problem is to disable the auto stand-by feature on all TestDirector client PCs. Your systems admin should be able to help with disabling this feature.

This problem is caused by the fact that the TestDirector session ID is being saved in memory on the client, but the actual connection to the project is broken after 15 minutes. While the client PC is "sleeping", it is possible for the same session ID to be assigned to another user connected to a different project. When the first PC client "wakes up", this can potentially result in the first user being connected to the same project as the second user, with the same privileges as the second user.

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