I would like to find out how others are organizing tests for reuse within the web-based versions of TD. The problem we're having is that there is no "test case repository." We need a repository to house test cases/scripts. For each project, we would then pull the necessary scripts (or appropriate version of the script) into the project.

The problems we've encountered are:

a) Test cases aren't versioned (you always have the top level case) unless you create n instances of the case. We anticipate needing older version cases based on release schedules.
b) Test cases aren't objects. You must take a literal copy of a case into each project thereby creating a maintenance nightmare if several projects go through a similar interface (login, for example) which changes in a parallel developed, earlier deployed project.
c) Due to a bug in TD, assigning the same test case to multiple requirements (we intend to do req. tracking, though not fully through this tool) does not work. When you run a test case in Project 1, the same test case in Projects 2...n all show the test case has been run, even if it hasn't for that project.

Any insight would be appreciated.