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    TestDirector 7.0i test scheduler

    I am using TD 7.0i. I have some WR-Automated scripts which I want to schedule to run at some specific time every day. Is there a way to do that without having to login manually into TD every day and run the tests? I called TD support but they said they have no way of doing UNATTENDED test runs as of now.


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    Re: TestDirector 7.0i test scheduler

    You can do this today :-)

    Find the attached ZIP files:
    1. Command line utility to run a testset
    2. VC++ Source Code for this utility

    This utility uses OTA (Open TestDirector Architecture) API to perform the work: run any testset.

    Now, using this utility and any scheduler tool (MS Scheduler for example) you can schedule your testsets to any time you want.

    P.S: This utility and word document, that describes how to configure MS Scheduler are availabe at Mercury Support Site.

    Alexei Ledenev
    Alexei Ledenev

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    Re: TestDirector 7.0i test scheduler

    Hi there, I updated RunTestSet program for TD7.5 and I posted a seperate post today which title is "Updated RunTestSet program for TD7.5"


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    Re: TestDirector 7.0i test scheduler




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