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    doc gen- \"server not available\"

    TD 7.01 on W2k server-
    client W2k Pro w/ IE 5.5:
    Within document generator, after field selection, clicking on snapshot OR full document produces error message "server is not available"

    We have seen other posts on this on the Merc Support site with no solutions--

    Anyone have any suggestions?



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    Re: doc gen- \"server not available\"

    SET hi!

    In regards to your question, first upgarde TD to version 7.2 with service pack 2.
    Then please be more specific on your problem, I recognize this issue when using TD with SSL solution, this is onfutunately an limitation in TD. Mercury is working on this.
    Does the installation works as intended otherwise ?
    Could you try to make the action on the server? Do you get the same error here ?
    Can you make the action from any client ?




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