We had Test Director 5.0, Winrunner 5.0, and LoadRunner 5.0 all installed on our server originally with an Oracle database. We upgraded Test Director and WinRunner to 6.0 - and they changed the Oracle drivers on us,(hardcoded). We were able to get that working after a week with support.

We just upgraded LoadRunner to 6.01 - and our entire server was destroyed. We spent a week with support trying to get it working. Then we decided to scratch it - and start over. We installed all products at 6.0, and that didn't work either. After another week on the phone with support, and many scratch installations, we found out that the BDE Utility for TD 6 and LR 6 - doesn't work with Oracle 7.x.

So you have to keep one of the products at 5.0 to have the proper configuration.