I'm using HP ALM Quality Center 11.00 Starter Edition.
When I create a test case of Type VAPI-XP-TEST the HP VAPI-XP Wizard appears. I select VBScript for the language, click Next, select COM/DCOM Server Test, click Next. The COM Class Program ID items in the drop down list are nothing like the COM references I see when I add references for VBAProject in Excel. For example, in Excel VBA I see "OTA COM Type Library". In the VAPI-XP Wizard I don't see the same library, but do see items like "TDApiOle80.TCConnection.1".
When I make that selection (and many others) and click Next, the Service/Operation list is empty. Shouldn't it be populated?

Do I need to install something?
Why are Microsoft and VAPI-XP Wizard COM lists different?
How can I get VAPI-XP Wizard to recognize my custom COM object?