If I create a test that has test parameters in Quality Center Test Plan, and then choose to run it as a Sprinter Test in Test Lab - when I specify the parameters at runtime and the subsequently complete the tests, the parameters are not visible in quality Center.

To reproduce

1) Create a test with a simple step. Create a test parameter in this test step
2) Save, and create a test run in Test plan module, pulling in this test
3) run this test in hpSprinter, either by opening sprinter and browsing to this test, or by selecting run in Sprinter, in QC
4) Run the test in sprinter, supply values for the parameters that have been pulled through, record some actual results.
5) Pass the test, save the results
6) Go back to Quality Center and witness that the test results have come across, but the values for parameters are blank. Bizzare!!

Anyone else reproduce this, or does it work ok for you?

I notice that if i select the button - "Launch Sprinter Results Viewer" in Quality Center, and the parameter values are there.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.