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    Working with PDFs

    I am using QTP v9.5 and Adobe Reader 9.3.4

    I am looking to work with PDF files. Does anyone of experiance with this?

    I can open a PRF file.

    Next I need to check the page count.
    uses the arrows to go forward/back to all pagges
    check that the text exists
    save the PDF
    and then close the PDF.

    QTP does not recognise the objects under the tool bars. Are there any add-ons/etc to use Adobe with QTP.

    Thx for any ideas. [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
    Thx for the help ;-)

    see ya


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    Re: Working with PDFs

    I may have found a solution at Adobe Labs thast may help those struggeling to work with QTP and Adobe Reader (PDFs).

    Adobe PDF Test Toolkit
    Thx for the help ;-)

    see ya




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