Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody uses the requirments module and if so how have you done with the structuring of requirments?

We're planning to start using it in a couple of months and right now our requirements consist of flows that describes every step the user does, what checks the system does and what is prompted and so on. And then there's a bunch of sublows. This means that right now, if a new check is implemented that is quite early in the flow I have to go in and change every bloody subflow since the "in-step" and "out-step" to that flow has to be adjusted. Does anyone use the req.area in QC with flows?

My idea is to just add specific requirements and perhaps attach a flowchart with all the user actions, checks and prompts to the main requirement. This would mean that if a new check is implemented the flow has to be updated and then of course the new specific requirement has to be added to QC. Am I way out of line with this thinking 'cause I have a collegue who just loves these flows and I don't really think that it's the best way to use QC.