I can create a test folder in test plan - create a new test - and use the TestFactory to add description, comments and attachments to the test - no problem

But I cant figure out how to add to the description fields for the tree node - there is no TreeFactory like there is TestFactory that allows me to use the api to add the nodes' description nor an attachment - any one ever have luck doing so?

' Connect to QC

tdc.Login(XUserID, XPassword)
tdc.Connect(XDomain, XProject)

Dim test1 As TDAPIOLELib.Test
Dim folder As TDAPIOLELib.SubjectNode
Dim testF As TDAPIOLELib.TestFactory
Dim testFF As TDAPIOLELib.TreeFactoryStub

Dim treeM As TDAPIOLELib.TreeManager

'**********create folder*********************
Dim testFolder = "Subject\" & folderName
Dim TreeMgr = tdc.TreeManager
Dim oRoot = TreeMgr.TreeRoot("Subject")

'***** add a test case ******************
treeM = tdc.TreeManager
folder = treeM.NodeByPath(testFolder)
testF = folder.TestFactory
test1 = testF.AddItem(System.DBNull.Value)
test1.Name = "Test"
test1.Type = "MANUAL"

'***** add folder description ************
treeM = tdc.TreeManager
Dim afolder = treeM.NodeByPath(testFolder)

'now what do I do?????????