QC limitation on associating a test script with multiple requirements?

I was wondering if any of you run into this problem that I am seeing and if you have any solutions:

I try to associate a test script with multiple requirements in the Test Lab portion of the quality center. Due to the way our requirements are written, a step in our test script verifies a requirement, thus it is possible to verify 10 requirements in a 10 step test script.

When I execute this same script in the TEST Lab of quality center, the later on reporting is FINE, if all the steps passes, but if one of the steps fail, the entire test execution for this script shows as a failure and when I look at which requirements PASSES and which requirements fail, QC shows all of the requirements as failed even though some of them passed in the test.

It seems that QC does not have built-in granularity to pass invididual requirements and fail a test script separately. So if you link a set of requirements to a test script, the automated reporting starts showing wrong results.

I heard that one way to address this is to add a new user defined field called REQNO (forexample) in Test PLAN and fill the Requirement number manually matching the test step....but I still do not understand what I can to make automated reporting accurate....

Any ideas? Any recommendations?