Sorry, I know its an old version but needs must.

As part of a migration off a physical server to a virtual server (and upgrading from Windows 2000) I've just done a new install of TD76-SP3 on a Win2003SP2SR2 Server with SQL2000SP3.

The installation completed successfully with no errors. The TestDirector Checker has green ticks throughout.

The 'default.htm' page loads OK but if you click the SiteAdmin or main Test Director page it just gives a blank screen - the addins dont seem to be loading.

I have tried manually installing the clientside addins and ensured there is no pop-blocker or missing invalid active x\java settings.

Currently using IE6.0SP2 but also tried on an old WinNTv4 desktop with IE5.0 with same result so looks like a server side issue.

Any help greatly appreciated.