I've been having an issue with trying to get QC to start a QTP script while launching it from a remote computer (not running QC on a server that has QTP installed on). I can run QC on a QTP server and it will start the script fine from there.
I've poured over the help posted else where about checking the DCOM settings and port settings and those are all checked out fine.
I got the following response from HP support.

"1) In WinXP (client machines), the definition of "interactive user" is the user that is currently logged-in and it can be only one: either logged-in locally or remotely, so there are no problems.

2) But Win2003 server has terminal services built-in. It means that several users can remotely (using Remote Desktop) log into Win2003 server simultaneously and in addition there may be user logged in locally (physically).Therefore Win2003 cannot recognize who is the Interactive User.

3) To make definition simple, Windows 2003 OS has decided that interactive user is always the one that is logged in physically.
So, when you try to execute QTP Test on Win2003 remotely, scheduler tries to invoke QTP using DCOM, Remote Agent is configured to run as "Interactive User", so Win2003 tries to invoke QTP under user physically logged in. If there is such a user, everything will work, but you may not see QTP because you may be logged in remotely with Remote Desktop and your user will not be "Interactive User" in that case."

I am running the QTP servers on Win2k3 and QC is on a Win2k3 server that also has a copy of QTP running on it as well. Has anyone else run into this problem and found a work around? I really don't want to instruct my testers to log into a server to run the tests from QC, and due to policies I can't use a dameware or pcanyware type client to have a non terminal services login established.

open to suggestions.