Has anyone successfully been able to install TestDirector 8.0 onto a server running Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (64-bit)? I realize that this is a very-old version of TD, and the OS is not officially supported for that version. We are currently in the process of moving off of TD to a home-grown product, but in the interim, I need to move our current TD installation to a new web server.

Our support contract has long since expired, so that really isn't an option at this point.

I've made some attempts at getting this to work, but the best I've been able to do is to install it, but any attempt to access the login page gets you the lovely "Error: Server is not Available" message. Some investigation reveals that this is due to the fact that OTAServer.exe is not, in fact, running. I've tried playing around with DCOM permissions for this file, yet nothing seems to make it start. Oddly enough, the Domain Server process (TDDomSrv_ seems to be running.

An interesting thing I did see was that when I stop the TD services (using the director chair icon in the toolbar) while watching the list of running processes, OTAServer.exe does seem to start up for about two seconds, and then goes away. However, when I try to re-start the services, OTAServer.exe never shows up.