Currently in our company we are using SourceForge for entering New Requirements, New Features, New Tasks, and New Defects. For any new project, we have bunch of New Requirements. Any new requirement can be classified in one of the following Category:
1- Business Requirement
2- Non-Functional Software Requirement
3- Functional Software Requirement
4- System Requirement
5- Detail Software Requirement
6- Use Case Requirement
Usually Principal Software Architect or anyone who communicates with business people gets the Business Requirement and enters in SourceForge. Sometimes he breaks the business requirement into several meaningful detailed Requirements.

For us as Test Engineer, we get those requirements from SourceForge and enter them in Requirement Module in Test Director. (This is a requirement in our group to use Test Director for entering our test plan. Since we want to have coverage between each test and Requirement, we need to transfer each requirement to SourceForge. Somehow I think this is just wasting our time. Our Manager is thinking about a way to make every body in our company to use one System for tracking everything, but till now there has not been any success). Then we create a test plan for each requirement. In order to follow the same category that used by Designer and Developer, I created 6 folder in Requirement Module. I followed the same rule in Test Plan Module. But there are several issues which I don’t how to deal with them.

1-I don’t like the naming convention they used to categorize Requirements. As an example, since Designer/Developer breaks each Business Requirement into several detailed requirements, creating Business Requirement Folder doesn’t make sense. Because I can find all the requirement related to business Requirement in other category Folders. My question here is that according to what I have explained, how should I organize the Requirement and Test plan in Test Director better? I would like to cover all the Requirements and make sure nothing is missing.
2-Sometime Managers create a new project “Project B” just by adding one business Requirement to “Project A”. In this case, should I do regression testing on all the requirements in Project A + complete tests on New Business Requirement? How should I organize my test plan in Test Director in this case? Should I copy and paste all the Requirements and Test plans from Project A to Project B?

3-For Project B, project Manager asked us to provide them with Project test plan. Should I tell them we use Test Director to create our test plan and we don’t have any other document? ( If I do that, I should give them info of how to use Test Director ).

Thank you so much