I'm running Quality Center 9.2 (patch 16, for what it's worth).

When a test has been written in Test Plan and is then being run in Test Lab, if the user makes a change to a test step (description or expected) QC asks if the user wants to save the change back to Test Plan.

I'd like to prevent this, based on the status of the test in Test Plan.

I know I can prevent changes to the steps in Lab based on the status in Plan. That much I've figured out. But, I'd like to allow changes to the steps in the run in Lab but not allow those changes to be pushed back to the test in the Test Plan module.

I tried putting a messagebox in ActionCanExecute to see what all the actions are that were called when this happens, but between the last post of the test to the Lab tables and the action indicating that the screen has been refreshed after the Plan tables have been updated, there doesn't seem to be any action event firing the code.

Does anyone know any way to control this?