I have a requirement to create two folders in test plan for different purposes.

Is it possible to create a different template for design steps in test plan module at folder level? i.e., for example if I am having folderX and folderY under subject folder of test plan module, I want to create different templates for design steps for folderX and folderY.

For the tests added under each of these folders, I want to add different columns in design steps. To be more clear, for example all tests added under folderX should have columns 1,2,3(design steps) and under folderY 4,5 and 6. So at folder level I want to customize the columns present in design steps.

I have written the following code ,but column is still visible in tesp plan tree view under design steps tab.

Sub DesignStep_MoveTo
DesignStep_Fields.Field("DS_USER_01").IsVisible = False
End Sub

I have placed the above code in Designstep_new sub routine and when the user clicks "new step" button under design step tab then in Design step editor window the column is invisible which is working fine

But what i need is the column should be invisible under Design step tab in test plan tree view when user clicks Design step tab.

Any help would be highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance