Hi guys,

I have a little story to tell regarding TD.

From the begining of this year I started working as an admin on Test Director (TD 8.0 SP2).

For several months all I did was creating users, reseting passwords and adding and customizing lists. Of course everyone around will say that this is a job that even monkeys can do ... and you are right.

The issues started some months ago when I started learning some more about databases, tables and started asking questions around and I made an ideea about what is going on.

And a few days ago someone complained about speed access on one of the projects from TD and I started wondering what to do.
And here we go ... we have 4 TD servers (different locations, different machines) and each has between 1 and 5 projects. I talked to a friend of mine that is working at another company and doing the same job (only that he is really doing admin work) and he was shocked about what he saw in my project.

Here's the exact data:
1 Project - the BIG ONE -
~4000 users accessing the project from all over the world.
I believe you have made an ideea about the size of this project.

Now, I've thought about creating a new project where I could then copy a folder including testsets (from TEST PLAN) and a folder from TEST LAB on which only a group of people could work on.

Here are the issues I encountered:
1. Created the new project keeping only the customization- still all the folders in TEST PLAN have been copied - it took around 45 min to create the project.
2. Started deleting the folders in TEST PLAN - it took one night and I discovered that before deleting a folder, TD has to lock (has to index somehow all the values/subfolders/testsets and others) and so I managed to basicaly fill all the space on the tablespace used for the project.
3. Started to copy the folder from TEST LAB and after ~ 5 hours my network connection had some issues and the process stopped.

Eventualy I managed to create the project and now I'm testing the access speed and any data coruption that might have occured.

Now, I'm afraid that one day the server will just start BURNING or something like that.

If you have taken the time to read all this and you can give me any piece of advice please do so. Any help is highly appreciated. Anything that looks like a plan on how to "cut" the data in pieces in different projects would be great.