Hi All,

I have a question about permissions for enabling the use of the "Save As" function for attachments in the design step of a test.

Now, I know that for the user group, you set the Modify --> Attachment in the Test Plan & Lab. I have already done this and if I goto the Test Plan or Test Lab, bring up a step and click on attachments, the "Save As" button is enabled.

The problem is that if I open a Defect which has an "Associated Test" and view that test, then select the step and its attachment, the Save As button is disabled ! I am using the exact same user as I used when I went directly to the Test Plan & Lab....

Why would the button be disabled when the user navigates to the attachment via the defect? Is there a seperate permission for this or is it a FEATURE of TD 8.0 SP2?

Your help on this will help us keep our developers happy!